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5 Hacks To Brighten Up A Dark Kitchen

Your home is your fortress and the kitchen is frequently its center. Considering how much time is spent in the space preparing meals and entertaining, it makes sense that it should be comfortable. While some homes have excellent natural lighting, plenty of kitchens appear dark. Merit Kitchen and Bath has several suggestions to help you…

Transform Your Messy Kitchen Into Masterpiece

There is nothing worse than trying to get things done in a disorganized kitchen. Let’s face it: kitchen spaces are intended to be functional, and often that can get messy quickly. During the holidays, gatherings or just during busy meals the kitchen is the main attraction. If your kitchen doesn’t have the basics in terms…

Remodeling Your Kitchen Here Are 5 Innovative Ideas

Many of the new trends in kitchen design lean towards having homeowners showcase their personality through creative color schemes, adding tasteful elements, and creative lighting. While this is a great way to show your style, if you like more than one trend then there may be other changes you can make that will better suit…

Top 7 Reasons Your Kitchen Remodel Goes Over Budget

When homeowners are in the planning stages of a kitchen renovation, one of the top fears is running out of funds mid-project. Everyone’s home is different and your choice of materials, the size of the kitchen and your planned changed will have a large effect on how much you will need to build into your…

how to make more space for storage in your kitchen

As the population explodes in city centers, apartments, homes and condos are getting smaller to accommodate more people. Of course, when you start sacrificing space, kitchens tend to get the short end of it, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t get the most out of what you have. If your kitchen is on the…

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