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Best Countertop Style For Kitchen

There endless materials, styles, and colors to choose from for your kitchen countertops. Whichever material you ultimately choose will have a drastic impact on the look and feel of your space. This is why choosing the right color for your countertops is crucial for the success of your remodeling project. If you’re considering a remodel, Merit Kitchen and Bath has a few suggestions to help you select one that best fits your aesthetic and lifestyle.

Wood Kitchen Counters

Wooden counters are a perfect way to add warmth to any kitchen. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, making it inviting while ensuring it is fully functional is critical. Wood offers a durable option for traditional beauty for your kitchen counters. Kitchens that are classically styled with wood cabinets, deep finishes, and artful wood grain patterns will find matching wooden counters to be a perfect finishing touch.

White Kitchen Counters

White counters may seem like a boring choice, when used as a contrast to a dark-colored kitchen, they can be striking. There are many types of white counters that you can add to your kitchen. The finish and materials you choose for them to be made out of will be important if you want to create a stunning visual impact and leave a lasting impression.

Bold White Counters

For a truly bold but minimalist look, a pure white kitchen countertop will do the trick. These types of counters look best with natural materials such as Caesarstone or Corian. Not only are these materials resistant to stains, but they are also durable. Homes that are high traffic can benefit immensely from these minimal maintenance white counters.

Veined or Flecked White Counters

If you want to avoid the severe look in your kitchen while still making use of the contrasting power of a white counter, there are options. White counters that have veins or soft flecks will create a softer look while also giving you the white look you desire. These styles work well with knotty wood, pendant lighting, and shaker cabinets to create an atmosphere of elegance. You can add soft white counters to several areas of your kitchen and pair it with a wide assortment of designs.

Dark Countertops

White counters as you know can produce a stark contrast in any kitchen, but dark or black countertops can also create a similar effect. For kitchens that are naturally extremely bright and those that are well lit, a dark counter can be a splendid way to include a touch of smoky elegance to the kitchen space. Kitchens that are for sophisticated couples can easily pull off a dark on dark styled theme, while contemporary styled kitchens can up their game with a splash of black.

Stone Countertops

Homeowners that want a little drama in their kitchen will love a countertop fashioned out of natural stone. This material offers a natural variance that will make your home truly unique. Natural stone is available in a comprehensive range of hues, colors, and styles that are sure to match any home aesthetic. Natural stone counters look stunning in large kitchens, on islands or in a kitchen that has dark cabinets.

How Merit Kitchen and Bath Can Help

Every home and homeowner is unique and we are here to help you style your kitchen in a way that fits your personality. There is nothing wrong with thinking outside of the box when it comes to choosing a countertop for your home. For more ideas, a price quote, or to inquire about our kitchen renovation service, visit our website or give us a call at (416) 562-1068 today.

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