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Storage Options For Bathroom

Your bathroom is a sort of sanctuary where you transform to start your day and return home to decompress and relax. That being said with all the little projects you complete in your bathroom, it is important that you have ample storage to keep all of your tools. Merit Kitchen and Bath has a few suggestions to help improve the storage in your bathroom with a few simple changes.

Your Vanity

The vanity in your bathroom needs to be functional, but it can also be beautiful at the same time. A well-crafted bathroom vanity will offer loads of storage while also adding a touch of class and luxury to your bathroom space. If you are thinking about remodeling, your vanity can even become the focal point which the rest of your decor revolves around.

Gone are the days where vanities simply hide your plumbing and hold your extra linens. This key piece of furniture comes with so many different design options to meet just about every need. The choices are endless, but we have a few suggestions that will transform your vanity from droll to spectacular.

Sliding Doors

Bathrooms are not always the largest spaces in the house, but you can still storage spaces work with a little creativity. For narrow bathrooms that are unable to accommodate fully opened cabinets or drawers, a sliding door option is a savvy idea. It keeps bulky doors from taking up spaces and also creates more useable storage under your basin.

Offset Drawers

Most vanities offer space for storage under the sink but in most cases, the panel directly under the sink is a false front. The false drawer is placed there to hide the plumbing and basin from view without adding any real value to your space. Instead of getting stuck with a false panel and a wide-open area under your sink, consider offset drawers. When you place draws on each side of your basin you will get more counter space and more space for storage. You can use these areas as decoration or you can use them to hold your everyday items.

Corner Vanities

In most bathrooms, the vanity is the central focus but there is nothing wrong with moving them to other parts of the bathroom. Consider placing vanities in the corners to maximize your space. You will end up with more workable space on your counters, and you can even add some extra shelves or drawers to your basin. Being creative is a great way to get more storage space while also making your bathroom more unique.

Over the Toilet Shelves

If you need more space, consider adding shelving over your toilets. You can buy a prefabricated stand that fits around your bowl or you can craft shelves directly on the wall. This is a great place to put towels, candles, flowers or anything else that fits the space.

How We Can Help

Being creative is the best way to turn a boring space into a luxury getaway. If you are looking for more design ideas, or if you want to upgrade your space, give us a call at (416) 562-1068. Our experts at Merit Kitchen and Bath are standing by to offer tips, ideas, custom Richmond Hill bathroom vanities and affordable bathroom renovation services.

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