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What Material Shoul You Use for Your Vanity Cabinet

There are many options to choose from when it comes to your bathroom vanity cabinet. Most cabinets will be in use for at least 20 years which makes this long-term decision important. Merit Kitchen and Bath has seen a myriad of materials used in vanities over the years, and the great majority have been subpar. Instead of looking at the price point as the most important aspect, it is much better to think about using quality materials.

Why Materials Matter

Humidity and moisture can cause tremendous damage to particleboard or other low-quality materials. It is important your vanity is strong enough to hold your sink, countertop and in some cases a mirror. Low-grade materials can sag, crack or even break over time.

The best materials for a bathroom vanity are solid wood, rubberwood, or MDF. Each option has a different price point but all are durable options that will last a lifetime. Rubberwood is almost as strong as pure oak and is crafted from eco-friendly recycled material. Solid wood is made from real wood that is crafted to make a durable plank that is as strong as natural wood without the warping. MDF wood is a budget-friendly option crafted from particles and held together with resin or wax.

Why Your Material Needs to be Strong

Your vanity is supported by inner beams, the back, sides, and bottom. These areas make up the bulk of the structure and must be made from sturdy materials. These materials have to withstand the weather, rough use, and even occasional water spills. Your vanity will be tasked with holding heavy counters, your basin, and even the doors and drawers. The last thing you want is a beautiful bathroom vanity that starts crumbling under pressure.

MDF has a charming look once painted and installed. If your bathroom is well ventilated and you live in a dry climate, then it is a good budget choice. It doesn’t perform as well as solid wood, however. MDF can swell when exposed to water or even high amounts of moisture. This can cause cracks and warping in the paint and the planks themselves. Solid wood and rubberwood won’t swell, or crack in humid weather, but solid wood may dry out if you live in a dry climate.

Drawers and Doors

Even if your vanity is chiefly molded of solid wood, chances are the cabinet doors and the drawers are made from MDF. In most cases, this is done to keep the vanity affordable, and it won’t affect the look of your bathroom so long as your sink doesn’t leak. You can keep your bathroom free from humidity by installing a properly sized exhaust fan. Regular pipe maintenance and sink servicing will also ensure that you don’t spring a leak that may damage your vanity.

Get a Quality Vanity from Us

If you are looking for the best Richmond Hill bathroom vanities, then you came to the right place. We have been serving the area for decades and we are standing by to help you pick out the right vanity for your bathroom. Give Merit Kitchen and Bath a call at (416) 562-1068 to find out more about our high-quality vanities today!

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